Proxy Avoidance

Anonymous surfing with our proxy will help keep your information safe and away from the outside world and at the same time, break through LAN filtering restrictions. Anonymous surfing is not only important, it might the most important thing you can do to protect your privacy on the insecure Internet.

Whenever you access a third party website or file server, personally identifiable information is requested and shared between the two computers. A proxy site keeps you in security by replacing all of the information requested on you with information of their own. We keep you completely hidden from view, so that work, university, school or even public access computers with Websense installed shouldn't block you from accessing favorite social networking sites. You can unblock almost any website you wish from anywhere with a single click.

Our proxy looks great, is simple to use, and allows you access from behind most firewall protections to any of your favorite social or sharing sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and protects you from identity abuse. We use one of the best scripts around to avoid filters and bypass restrictions.

With our advanced options, you can even set your browser referrer variables to anything you want, or turn off hostile scripts such as Flash and JavaScript completely.

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Proxy websites have a short life as they get blocked when detected. If your firewall blocks the proxy you use, there's no easy way around to access Internet, other than using fresh new proxy site. Please join our yahoo group and get yourself in to a reliable source for new circumventers.

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We offer you a free service to protect your freedom of expression and fight against organizational Internet censorship. Our anonymous proxy is fully advertising funded. Please do not use this service for unethical/illegal/abusive activities. We maintain logs to track such visitors. Please read our terms/policies for more information. | | ProxySites | Free Proxy | Prospector | | | Centurian | Gold | | | Proxies | Proxy | Pxaa | Proxy Server List | WebProxyList | Boost | Proxy | AProxy | Proxy | Unblock | Free Proxy Sites | RPL | ProxyDB | TunnelHub | Blvy | Lists Of Proxy | ZilZil | Proxy Sites | RealProxyList | Proxylist | NewProxySites | FPWL | Proxy Listing | Web Proxy List | |